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    Here are some links to animal related sites that I like:

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  Pet Sitters International is the leading organization for professional pet sitters.  Click here to read their guidelines on standards for pet sitters.

PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare society).  If you live in Connecticut and would like to adopt a dog or cat this is the place to go!

  If you live anywhere in the country and would like to adopt a pet try Petfinder.  It is amazing!

  If you are looking to adopt a rabbit, or if you want more information about rabbits as companion animals the House Rabbit Society is the best source for information!

Animal CPR  It is always best to seek medical attention in an emergency, but it doesn't hurt for pet owners to know CPR for their animals.  This site has a printable "how to" brochure.

Care 2 is a great free site to help save the environment.  You can "click" to save animals for free.  You can also get great free e-cards and more!

ASPCA The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The Rat and Mouse Club of America has great information about domestic rats and mice.



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