My Pets



My Pets







    Here are some photos of my own pets! Enjoy!

      To see photos of our animals that have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" please click here.

                                (Click on a photo to enlarge it!!!)


Sampson, our newest addition. Cute little boy

Sampson and his toy

always playing

sleepy boy

This is Lucy, who we adopted and brought home with us from St. Lucia. Her first car ride in the US was in a stretch limo!

Lucy at home. If you want to hear about Lucy's journey from street dog in St. Lucia, to our pet in Connecticut feel free to ask me!

Our beautiful girl Lucy!

This is Radha, our youngest cat. She only has one eye, but we think she is beautiful!

This is our cat Horus. He is 7 years old.

This is our cat Luna with her kittens. This was taken at PAWS before we adopted her.

Radha and Horus are so cute together, and they match!

Luna looking cute.

Radha again. She is about 6 months old in this photo.

Beautiful P.J. our lone rat right now :-(

This is our 20 gallon freshwater tank.

These are my parents' championship Otterhounds, Morgan and Xena. They are not my pets, but I do take care of them when my parents go away.

On April 6, 2003 Xena had her second litter of puppies. This is Me and Xena in the whelping box waiting for the puppies to be born.

This is me with Xena after her puppies were born.

Otterhounds are endangered, so while I normally encourage everyone to neuter and spay their pets Otterhounds have to be bred for the breed to survive!

All 6 puppies! 1 Girl and 5 boys!!

This is Fluffy the turtle. He was rescued from a golf course where he was about to be stepped on!! He was moved to a nice pond.

  To see photos of our animals that have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" please click here.

In addition to the animals above,  I have also had a rabbit, birds, box turtles, hamsters, hermit crabs, frogs and anoles. 



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